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Mountune Performance Ford Fiesta

Ford Fiesta styling concept by Mountune Performance

Mountune Ford Fiesta Mountune Ford Fiesta Mountune Ford Fiesta Mountune Ford Fiesta

February 3, 2010 - Mountune Performance is a Ford performance tuning company based in the UK. Their parts are available exclusively through selected Ford Dealers in the UK only.

As well as building race-winning engines and highly-acclaimed performance road car upgrades, Mountune's parent company, Revolve Technologies is also responsible for numerous manufacturer prototype, and one-off build vehicles.

The skill-set required for such work means that as well as market-leading engineering and engine building facilities, Revolve and Mountune have access to their own on-site design and modelling studio.

Being first to market with undoubtedly the UK's leading Mk7 Fiesta power upgrades has enabled us to gather enough customer feedback to action our design team, including ex-Ford Chief Designer, Chris Clements, into producing our own styling upgrades to compliment the existing 140PS power upgrades... and new Fiesta's already handsome looks.

Think of it as kinetic design, mixed with a large dose of RedBull!

The new styling components consist of four key new pieces; the front bumper chin complete with splitter, front nostrils, rear diffuser panel and rear spoiler extensions.

Being designed alongside ex-Ford designers and produced to OEM specification means the end product fits exactly like the factory-fit parts, maintaining an original equipment look, just harder-eged and a little sportier than the standard offerings. With common parts used on the rear diffuser panel and front bumper chin piece, it's also worth noting that these two parts will fit all models of Mk7 Fiesta regardless of trim and engine configuration.

The positive response received recently means these 'concept' parts are to be turned into production parts; stock of which is anticipated within the next three months. More details on availability, pricing and where to get them from will be announced nearer to that time.

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